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Is there a stationery crisis in Whitehall?

08.31.11 Posted in Healthcare, Politics and Public Affairs by

Andrew Mitchell’s blunder in revealing secret papers showing that the Government ‘welcome’ the resignation of Afghan president Hamid Karzai is far from a first. In fact, the International Development Secretary joins a reasonably long list of public figures who have left meetings with important documents on show to photographers.

Others who have fallen prey to the photographer’s lens include former Communities Secretary Hazel Blears, the Labour Housing Minister Caroline Flint and the Met’s counter-terrorism supremo Bob Quick . Although it is an easy mistake to make, the relative regularity of these stories should make those in the public eye wary of getting caught-out. It also had us wondering whether there was a stationary crisis going on in the public sector. Surely, even in the age of austerity, we can afford some coloured folders for Ministers to keep secret documents in!

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