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Let them eat Greggs!

03.30.12 Posted in News and views by

Mmmm, tasty

There can only be one announcement this week that truly deserves to be trumpeted on this mightiest of media/political blogs.

Of course, I’m talking about the fact that our Prime Minister, our primus inter paresonce had a Cornish pasty.  In Leeds station.

So important is this news, so important is it to ensure that the records are accurate, that the No 10 press team contacted Newsnight, whilst they were on air, to let them know that the pasty was in fact consumed in Liverpool.

Apparently, some people feel that #pastytax is an irrelevance that is diverting attention from more pressing financial issues (such as the wider Budget, the looming fuel strike*, or even the fact that the OECD is convinced we’re about to enter the dreaded double-dip recession) but I say they’re fools.  All MPs should be forced at once to disclose when and where they last had a hot pasty (or a cheese and onion one, for the veggies), so that we can keep an important part of our regional industrial heritage alive.

* PS: an honourable mention does have to go to Francis Maude, for calling on peaceful, law-abiding citizens to stockpile petrol in full contravention of the law, fire regulations and common sense.  I’ve got mine, even though I sold my car four years ago…

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