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Monthly Round-up

06.01.12 Posted in News and views by

It has been a month of anti-climax. While April managed to be the wettest since records began, May could only lay claim to being the coldest for 100 years. Or the dampest since 1983. It was quite a poor effort.

The month’s political events seemed affected by the same malaise.  The race to be Mayor of London which looked, at times, like it might burst into life was in the end a relatively easy win for the incumbent. For better or worse May 2012 will be the last time we see Ken Livingstone as a candidate for election. In a career lasting forty one years he has been a polarising, but extremely influential, part of British politics.

Later in the month the Queen’s Speech seemed more like a tidying-up of policies dug up from the back of Whitehall filing cabinets than a compelling vision for the future. The Coalition is perhaps fatigued by recent battles over reforms in NHS, welfare, and education. They possibly deserve a bit of a breather but many were left underwhelmed by such a streamlined agenda for the next parliamentary term.

Meanwhile Lord Leveson’s inquiry into the text messaging habits of the country’s elite manfully attempted to raise everyone’s spirits. We learned that, contrary to media reports, David Cameron didn’t text Rebekah Brooks 19 times a day, but he did think that LOL stood for ‘Lots of Love’. We also discovered that while Jeremy Hunt thought Fred Michel’s barrage of 35 texts in two days was excessive he didn’t think it strange to text back referring to the BskyB man as “daddy”.

It may be entertaining, but anyone expecting some A Few Good Men style, “you can’t handle the truth” drama in Leveson’s courtroom will have been disappointed. Perhaps June can do better.

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